About me

I started this blog when I was a PhD candidate at TU Delft in the Concrete Structures Section. The topic of my research was shear in reinforced concrete slabs under concentrated loads close to the support. The results of my series of large-scale experiments was used by the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Watermanagement to evaluate the existing slab bridges in the Netherlands. In June 2013, I received my PhD degree. Since then, I've been working as a part-time researcher for TU Delft. Since November 2013, I joined Universidad San Francisco de Quito as an assistant professor. I am in charge of teaching the following undergraduate courses: Reinforced Concrete I, Reinforced Concrete II, Design of Pavements and (previously) Construction Materials Laboratory. Besides teaching, I supervise undergraduate thesis projects, carry out research in the field of structural concrete, and am responsible for the development of the Civil Engineering laboratories.

I currently can be found in my hometown Lier (Belgium), Quito (Ecuador) or Delft,the Netherlands.

I completed my engineering degree in civil engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel with a thesis on buckling of reinforced concrete columns. Then, I went to Georgia Tech for a MS in structural engineering with a Fulbright scholarship and Belgian American Educational Foundation scholarship and did some additional research on punching shear in reinforced concrete slabs.

Besides reinforced concrete, I am interested in and blog about: the process of doing a PhD, the non-scientific skills you need during your PhD, living abroad and my travels.

I'm also a staff writer for Grave Concerns Ezine, and blog for Lifehack and used to write for Gradhacker.  

English is not my native language. I apologize for language errors in my posts. 

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